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Tracey Hollis Rowe

Landscape Artist

Welcome to the website of Landscape Artist Tracey Hollis Rowe

 A Northern artist who draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of the land that she regularly walks, bringing to life the rugged beauty & dramatic scenery of the north in her brushstrokes and mark making.

From the windswept moors and rolling hills to the rugged coastlines, Tracey's paintings transport us to a world of untamed wilderness and raw natural beauty

Through her art, Tracey Hollis Rowe invites you on a journey of discovery, taking you to remote and unspoiled locations that evoke a sense of wonder and maybe one of recollection and familiarity...

Whether you are a lover of the landscape, an art enthusiast, or simply someone looking for inspiration, you are invited to explore this website and discover the beauty of Tracey Hollis Rowe's Landscapes for yourself.


Thank you for visiting, enjoy your journey into the heart of the North

Tracey Hollis Rowe - Vast.jpg



Born in 1973 in Leigh Lancashire, England, Tracey showed a love of art and the outdoors from a young age. She spent most of her childhood exploring the natural beauty of the less urban areas of her life in a northern town. Tracey has a special connection in particular to the northern pit wastelands and reclaimed coal lands in her home town and the wider areas of the moorlands on the outskirts of her town. Tracey has spent many hours exploring these areas and capturing their unique beauty in her paintings. 


For many years Tracey honed her skills as an artist painting wildlife and her attention to detail during this time developed her technique for applying paint. However, despite her skill in realistic representation Tracey began to enjoy working in a much freer, semi-abstract style when painting landscapes. She believes that this approach allows her to capture the essence of a place in a way a photorealistic representation cannot.

In her semi- abstract style Tracey uses bold brushstrokes and mark making and her signature colours to create an emotional response in the viewer. She believes that working in this way, she can capture the feeling of being in a landscape, rather than just the physical appearance of it.

Tracey's work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK and is held in private collections around the country.

Studio & On Location views

Gallery Representation

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